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Some notes we have made about the new site as it has developed. Comments etc welcome.

Thanks for getting involved!

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You retain copyright, but you accept that photos can get lifted from websites without your permission. Original images aren't displayed on the site but can be hacked out by a determined person. The default copyright shown on the photos is Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.

The site is for display purposes, not for storage purposes. There are some backups provided by the hosting company but no guarantees! You maintain backups and don't blame me if the site dies one day.

No guarantees made about uptime of site or backups or longevity (the site costs money to run!).

Your name is shown publicly with the photo if you put yourself as the photographer. Use a pseudonym if you prefer.

Meta data is visible.

It isn't possible for you to batch-change the author, comments etc after uploading. If you forget to set it before uploading, ask me to batch change it. Otherwise you have to do it one-by-one! Same applies if you accidentally upload to the wrong place, instead of spending ages deleting and re-uploading, let me know and I'll batch-move them.

Titles are automatically the file names unless you change them to something else.

Dates are automatically obtained from the metadata.

Try to keep maintain a sensible file structure of photos. The last folder in the tree (the one that contains the actual photos) should be the year and month, with an optional event name, ie '2007 May - Down yard remodelling'. Don't have sub-albums and photos in the same album. It looks awful.

Don't feel you have to delete out of date photos, they are historically relevant. Also, don't resist uploading a photo because it appears to be of a subject already photographed. Pictures taken at different times often reveal changes of detail, etc.

For panel boxes / signalling centres, we'll subdivide the signal box and the area, ie:

Exeter Panel
> Signal Box
>> 2007 April
>> 2008 June
>> 2008 December
> Area
>> Cowley Bridge
>>> 2009 May
>> Riverside Yard, etc.
>>> 2009 May
>>> 2013 April

For mechanical boxes, no need to separate signal box and area. Can be lumped all into one album.

> Tondu
>> 2008 May
>> 2008 August
>> 2009 November

Exterior photos to be stored in the 'area' folder of the signal box in control at the time. Ie, photos of Twyford in the mechanical era to be stored in a 'Twyford' signal box folder, photos of the same location in the Reading PSB era to be stored in the 'area' folder of 'Reading PSB', photos of the same location in the TVSC era to be stored in the 'area' folder of the TVSC.

Some folders aren't already broken down into years/months (the ones uploaded before we found this to be necessary). If one set has been added already and it isn't in a year/month folder, and you're adding a second set, please make a year/month folder in the location folder for the set you're adding and let me know and I'll move the original photos into a year/month folder.

Photos of signal box interiors, workstations etc are stored by the geographical location of the signal box, not the area controlled. Ie 'Paddington Workstation' is stored in 'TVSC', not 'Paddington area'.

If in doubt about what to do with folders, make your new folder in the 'New - For Sorting' folder at the very bottom and I'll put it in the right place for you. The rules won't fit all circumstances so do your best....!


How to upload photographs:

Click on an image to view a larger version.
1. Click 'Upload Photos' from the top of the left-hand menu.
  2. Chose the appropriate folder from the drop-down list.

(Remember the last folder in the tree should be the year/month folder as described above).
4. If there is not an appropriate album in the system already then click 'create a new album'.

5. Chose the folder into which the new folder requires to be added.

6. Enter a new name (in the 'year' 'month' format, ie '2014 March'). A subtitle can be added if required (ie, '2014 March - Down Yard remodelling'. Click 'Create'.
7. When the album has been selected, click 'Select Files'.
8. Select the files that you require to upload. Several files can be selected at the same time by use of the Shift and/or Ctrl keys. Then click 'Open'.

9. The files queued for upload will be displayed.
10. Click 'Set Photo Properties'.

11. A 'Title' and 'Author' can be added if required. This is displayed on the public site.

If no 'Title' is entered, the filename is used.
12. When a title and author has been added (if required), click 'Start Upload'

13. Progress will be shown as each file uploads.
14. When all the files are uploaded the thumbnails will be displayed. The photos will not show on the public site until they are approved by an admin.